Sarah Roberts

Painter & Textile Designer

Sarah Roberts is an artist and designer living in West London. Her passion for art was inspired by her mother, a fellow artist. This love for drawing, painting and colour lead her to study and gain a first class BA Hons degree in Textiles, Design and Innovation, specialising in Printed textiles (silk screen printing and digital print design) from Loughborough University.

Sarah grew up in a small coastal town in Essex and feels most at home by the water. Ever since sailing with her parents before the age in which she could walk, she has spent a vast amount of her childhood on the water, sailing competitively and recently discovered a passion for windsurfing. Having sailed and learning to windsurf abroad, some of the swimming pools depicted are inspired by the pools she relaxed in after an exhilarating time doing watersports.

Sarah works as a Printed Textile designer, designing for various fashion brands. When her ideas and desire to paint go beyond her professional design work they flow into artwork.