Tosh Jeffrey

Award Winning Landscape Artist

Tosh is a Canadian artist, working primarily in oil and acrylic. 

After receiving a B.A. in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario in 2006, Tosh began pursuing his art career in the Toronto area. As a landscape painter, Tosh varies the perspective of his experience by magnifying details of the urban terrain. This magnification fuses with contemporary expression into a graffiti inspired cocktail of abstraction and realism; arousing the senses and energizing the viewer.

Tosh was a contestant on "Landscape Artist of the Year" Canada and was recently the subject of a CBC Canada show focusing on his work. The Holocene Gallery are proud to bring some of the first works of the UK by Tosh Jeffrey to market. 

Take a look at the video below to learn a little more about Tosh. Courtesy of Take Note Pictures / Dylan Dube.


Current - Struck Contemporary, Canada
Febuary 2020 - Landscape Artist of the Year Canada
March 2020 - Crossfire: Rap Battle, Toronto, Canada
April - May 2019 - Freedom Factory Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
May 2019 - Stad Cafe
January 2019 - Bending Spoons Gallery
September 2018 - Art Square Gallery
June 2018 - Junction Summer Solstice Festival
June 2018 - The Art Tour
Febuary 2018 - Gallery 1313
June 2017 - Dundas West Artist Market
June 2017 - Dundas West Art Tour
Febuary 2017 - Gallery 1313
May 2016 - UG3
Febuary 2016 - Todmorden Mills Papermill Gallery
May - June 2015 - Art Tour
May - June 2015 - 3030
March 2015 - Hashtag Gallery