Sam Lees

Music & Conflict Photographer

Sam is an internationally published photographer with a body of work that has focused on human rights, the refugee crisis and international conflict as well as within the music industry as a touring documentary photographer. 
Sam has travelled to some of the most volatile and isolated parts of the planet in order to capture images and relay them back for the rest of the world to see. Originally picking up a camera to document the refugee camp which infamously became known as “The Jungle” in Calais, France - Sam has since travelled to Iraq and Ukraine to cover the conflicts there for a number of award-winning international publications. 

Various commissions saw Sam traverse the Silk Road routes through Europe and Central Asia but most recently into the deserts of Rajasthan, India and the mountains of Kashmir.

Typically travelling solo and using on the equipment he can carry on his back affords him the opportunity to engross himself in the stories he sets out to tell. 

Sam has produced work for Vice News, Wired Magazine, Hashefer Rundfunk, Kerrang, Rise Records/BMG, Spinefarm Records, Universal to name but few.


You may recognise some of the locations from the video below. During his excursion to the Indian sub-continent, Sam was able to take both his signature photos and this incredible footage you see below - sewn together for the video of "King" by Black Peaks.