Mikhail Mishin

Mikhail Mishin is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works between New York and Italy. He studied Applied Arts, Graphic Design and Fine Art in Russia and the United States. His work is influenced by the art and writing of suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich and minimalist esthetics of Swiss design and Japanese art.

After receiving a degree in graphic design in Russia, he spent almost a decade in the design and advertising industry working both in Russia and the United States. Eventually realising the limitations of the consumer oriented industry, he sought freedom of expression in art making. Later during studying sculpture at RISD in Rhode Island, he developed his deeply personal way of experiencing reality through focusing on its non material side.

He became interested in the ideas like absence, emptiness, consciousness, transformation, time and others. His graduate show, titled H2Zero, set up the direction of exploring the idea of no-thing. He established his art practice in New York City and had his work shown in the United States.

For his practice, he adopted an Eastern idea called ‘Wu Wei’. This idea signifies using no force in creation and letting the material suggest the action and the meaning. He often employs this principle in repurposing materials or transforming objects.

In his ongoing project 'Untitled', he creates abstract visual compositions with mark making mixed with collage of consumer ephemera. With this work, he attempts to encourage the viewer to suspend one’s thoughts and to freely flow with imagination.

Notable Exhibitions, Dates & Publications:

2018 Small Works Exhibition, Harper College, Palatine, IL
2018 Endless Bridge, Published by Kris Graves Projects
2018 The Print Effect: Small Works/Big Impact, Manhattan Graphics Center, NYC
2015 The Flat Files: TSA Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2013 Private magazine, " Asphalt Archeology" (privatephotoreview.com)
2013 Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn NY "Small Works"
2013 NYSRP Gallery, Brooklyn NY, "Now that I have your attention..."
2012 Metcalf Gallery, Providence RI, “H2Ø”
2012 Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI, “Senior Sculpture Show”
2011 New York Studio Program, Brooklyn NY, “Fenimore 43”
2011 AICAD - New York Studio Residency Program (Brooklyn, NY)
2010 Carr House, Providence, RI, “Paracraft”
2008 Magic Dirt: The Best of Sean Williams, (Book cover)
2008 Objects Embedded in Brooklyn’s Asphalt by Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing.com
2007 Art Gotham Gallery, New York NY, “The Square Foot Show”
2006 Ad Hoc Art Gallery, Brooklyn NY, “Printmaking Show”