David Fettes

Award Winning Wildlife Photographer

Having started in 1982 (1882 if you ask David himself), David has travelled the world capturing some of the most staggering images of the natural world. David won the titles of "BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2011 alongside garnering over 40 nominations in the same category. 

He currently resides in Chobham, messing around with his grandchildren, a more daunting task than photographing a charging elephant.

Most excitingly of all, despite his extensive experience and body of work, David's work has never been published - giving admirers and followers of his work the first chance to own a piece by David and enjoy it in their homes. 

I want to pay a special Thank You to David. Having followed his work for over 15 years, David agreeing to come onboard was a pinnacle moment in the gallery's formation.

Exhibitions of David's include the Natural History Museam on a number of occasions and the Lightbox in Woking. His work has been published in magazine and high end travel media. You can listen to an interview David took part in with David Oakes, Trees a Crowd podcast here.